The Universe of Glass Digital Printing

We have recently presented "The Universe of Glass Digital Printing" a book entirely dedicated to digital decoration technology and one of the most complete and important works in the sector.

This is a work of years that takes advantage of the support of all Fermac's technical staff, digital imaging specialists and marketing professionals.

The presentation took place in the prestigious setting of Glass Print which was held on 27 and 28 November 2019 in which Fermac's commercial director Alessandro Ghirardini officially presented the document to the public.

The contents of the book are of general interest for every professional involved in the decoration. From new workflows to marketing, from the opportunities offered by web-to-print to the technical solutions of printing systems, from inks to ideas to develop the business of decoration on glass in an innovative way. All this has been addressed in a simple and immediate way in order to create a single document, a document that can serve as a guide and, why not, as a source of inspiration for the decorators of the future.
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