CNC linear machine with single chuck


CNC package on linear base concept

This machine is real CNC design to bring any developable shaped object under different working stations.

The horizontal axis of the machine is dimensioned according to the number of stations requested (900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400 mm).

This machine has a feeding conveyor with a pick and place robot for the loading, at the end of the horizontal stroke there is an other pick and place robot for unloading on the outfeed conveyor.

The final output depends directly on the dimension of the horizontal axis and the number of stations, and profile of the object and printing process: thermoplastic ceramic enamels or UV inks.

It is possible to install: screen printing station leftright or front-back, UV curing station, linear camera for angular positioning CENTRUM or quality control SPECTRUM.

The system includes a tilting device for conical objects.


Main features

Real CNC for the decoration of shaped profile objects

All the movement are servo driven even the closing of the counter sinking device. The only movement which are pneumatic are the opening closing of the grippers and the squeegee. This movement can be available with servo driven version.
On the loading conveyor, there are different stepping devices: star wheel, leadless screw, cylinders, or oval conveyor with shaped profile plates for very unstable objects which cannot be accumulated on the feeding conveyor.

It is possible to install as an option a pre treatment unit: SILTREAT for silicoating (pyrosil) for flint glass surface prior to UV printing. In this case, the belt of the feeding conveyor is metallic and not anymore plastic type. Then we have 2 half ring burners servo driven closing-opening and going up and down on the object.
The profile of the shaped object can be obtained thanks to a self learning device.

The interface for the operator is made with a colors touch screen display which permit to visualize and eventually correct all printing parameters. The software of the FLEX NUM allow to save the recipes of the jobs done in the PC memory of the machine. In this way, it will be easier and faster to recover previous jobs saving time and limiting human errors in the set up. On the display, the following data can be easily set and checked:

  • Printing parameters, such as over-strokes, extension, decoration angle
  • Simulation of the printing phase while the object is under the screen
  • Object profile acquired during self-learning.


Main features

Technical data

  900 1200 1500 1800 2100 2400
Number of stations 3 4 5 6 7 8
UV curing air or water cooling, 300 - 330 W/cm
UV color with linear camera CENTRUM
Maximum output with linear camera SPECTRUM
Maximum height 370 mm
Maximum diameter 120 mm
Screen printing stroke 300mm
Tilting +/- 20°
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