From operational point of view the Technical Assistance Fermac is providing all services necessary to maintain over time the efficiency of their products.

GLOBAL SERVICE and Telemaintenance are some of the proposals aimed at improving service to the client and satisfying every need.

Since early 1999, all automatic machines with high productivity of Fermac integrated in their standard equipment, the remote assistance through "modem" or ethernet in order to carry out diagnostic or make software action. This is allowing real-time intervention during emergency situations that otherwise require the intervention of a technician.

GLOBAL SERVICE is a package of services tailored to the different needs of customers.

Training of personnel to the use of the machines: preparing graphics files, preparation of screens, color selection, integration of printing process inside production lines.

Preventive maintenance program. The purpose is to periodically check the state of the machinery, providing maintenance and / or replacement of parts subject to breakage, check the status of overall efficiency. This is ensuring the customer a more economical management of their maintenance costs.

WARRANTY TERM CONTRACTS, which provide an extension of the warranty period beyond the contractual guarantee to special conditions.

Productivity analysis' of the machine, offering some technological implementations that will improve the efficiency with particular emphasis on reducing changeover times, new features.

Supervision system, allowing the monitoring and management of production by analyzing all the key data such as average real hourly production, number of stops and their causes, machine efficiency. The system is connected to the network and recommended for screen printing machines that operate on a continuous cycle, or at least, with important batches.


In order to improve our technical assistance on our equipment we have created a service for the assistance
outside of the regular working hours from the offices.
This service has been developed by FERMAC in order to ensure electronic technical assistance outside the regular working period of the offices:  from 08.30 AM up to 17.00 PM from Monday to Friday (excluded Bank Holidays period).

This service is available with 1 technician equipped with a Cell phone* or e-mail** or Skype contact*** reachable during the following period:
  • (From Monday to Friday) between : 17.00 PM up to 22.00 PM.
  • (Saturday) between : 10.00 AM up to 18.00 PM.
The cost for this service will be minimum : 90,- € per hour (From 1 up to 60 min).
You can send an email to:, with the following data:
  • Name of the company
  • Contact name
  • Dir phone n° or Cell phone n°
  • Model of the machine
  • Description of the problem

The technician will contact you directly after receiving your request.

For extra time over this schedule, the hourly rate is 90,- € per fraction.
The technicians will ensure this assistance service during all the year, they will have all the program for each machine and the remote connection tool necessary to access to the PLC of each machine equipped with this device.
This service will be followed by invoice on monthly basis.
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