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Decoration Techniques

InkJet Printing

White + 4 colour process CMYK

Digital Printing is a generic term to define the Inkjet Printing process. In our application, we can transfer the artwork file directly on the object item through the printhead. It is digital because the file is converted and printed directly without the need to create films, screens or plates. Our process is using a multi layer printing system with : primer, white, CMYK, topcoat with UV led curing ink system.

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The introduction of digital printing comes with a new paradigm: the four-color process, and as always happens, it is easier to be scared by a new way of working, rather than understanding its incredible potential. The four color processing is definitely not a newcomer in graphics, that ranges from the publishing field, to the printers we all have on our desks, so it’s easy to find tools and systems that are perfectly capable of working in CMYK.


What has been lacking so far, was the way to transfer beautiful full-color images onto glass, limiting this luxury to the mastery of the best decorators, but at what price (cost)? And what about the production time? Luckily, everything nowadays has changed and it’s all incredibly simple.

Screen Printing

With thermoplastic ceramic
enamels or UV inks

This is the oldest traditional printing technique used for the decoration of containers.

Nowadays, the process which can be used is: ceramic or organic (bi component inks or UV inks). After the printing with enamels, the printed item are going in a lehr for the final curing. In case of UV inks, the item is fully cured by UV lamps at the end of the printing cycle.

The artwork will be split in different screens (1 screen for each colour). The image will be transferred to item surface by pushing through a screen some ink. The screen can be developed by traditional method : printing a film and developing the screen or with the latest CTS (Computer To Screen) technology where the artwork file is engraved directly on the screen.

Internal view of a RUV rotary decoration system for glass containers

Hotfoil stamping


Using any metallic foil

This process is a 2 step process combining : screen printing of the artwork (with 2 component inks or UV inks) and application of a metallic foil (silver, gold, etc..) which will stick only on the previous printed artwork.

We develop line with the combination of these 2 processes: some are offline modules connected by conveyor and some are hybrid machines (linear or rotary where the hot foil stamping module is integrated directly on the screen printing platform).

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