High End decoration machines for bottles and hollow glass containers

Rotary Decoration Systems

Rotary machine base version are available from 6 up to 22 stations in MOTION or CNC concept According to the needs, we can define the configuration in order to host: decorating or UV curing stations.


Fermac offers 3 solutions for rotary systems

RUVxx Series

RUVxx Series

RUVxx Series

Our rotary base are available with Motion or CNC electronic package. We can define the configuration and the number of stations according to your needs. Our model are available from 6 up to 22 stations.

We can integrate: Thermoplastic ceramic enamels screen printing, UV curing, hot foil stamping, inkjet printing, camera for angular positioning or quality control. Our study office can take in charge the engineering of a complete project and define all the solution for the conveying, stacking, push bar to the lehr.

 Up to 100 p/min single production  

RUV Series

Super fast printing machine  for Glass or plastic containers 

Rotary Glass Decoration System

Max Speed

100 pcs/min

From 6 to 20 printing station
All rotary base machines have a servo driven indexing system with very high speed and extreme accuracy on stopping phase. According to the type of item: cylindrical or shaped, we can choose a Motion or CNC servo driven concept to move the item.

 Up to 85 p/min single production

Fxx Series

High performance CNC driven decorating machine for shaped or cylindrical containers 

Max Speed

85 pcs/min

From 6 to 20 printing station
5 axis synchronized servo driven movement for shaped profile. Unique feature where item goes up and down and screen remains horizontal. Camera, squeegee and UV lamps have exactly the same movement ensuring a perfect follow on shaped profile.

 Up to 60 p/min single production

Fxx JetArt

Full digital printing machine with option for additional screen printing stations

Max Speed

60 pcs/min

From 6 to 20 printing station
Platform is the ideal model to receive the inkjet process because of the vertical movement of the item which can optimize the distance between object surface and nozzle plate from the printhead. It is possible to combine UV screen printing station in addition to the digital process on versions F16, F18 or F20 or add several Topcoat printhead to realize 3D embossing effect.

For production above 190+ pcs/min

Double Production

As for every Fermac from our range, all options are available

For some industries, there is a need to go faster than 100 p/min. This is the reason why we developped some machines double loading to achieve double production printing 2 items at the same time on 1 single machine.


  • Fast and simple to handle.
  • Excellent colour to colour registration.
  • Very reliable and easy for set up and fine tuning adjustment.

Double Item Holder

Double Stepping Unit

Double Gripper

Double Stop Index

Max Speed

190+ pcs/min

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